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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 21, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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win.' because that's a step in doing something. that's a step in becoming relevant." the uva women in action sunday, hosting clemson in the annual play-4- kay pink game. in the first quarter, faith randolph gets it to lauren moses for the bucket. hoos up 4 early. ahead to the second quarter, breyanna mason out wide to aliyah huland el for 3 of her 13 points, adding to virginia's lead. in the third now, moses off the steal, getting it ahead to mikayla venson who finishes with the lay- in. venson led all scorers with 18 points. faith randolph added 13 points, 13 rebounds, as uva beats clemson 65 to 48. virginia tech women also in action today,
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overtime. weather anytime,
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today's guest never believed his bad reviews and they told him he couldn't lead majorly pitching and he won five battle titles. they told him he couldn't play gloves. new york yankees. he started his career tonight to consider cooperstown. he could at united 3,010 hits and in 2005 earned the third most boats ever for a first ballot inductee. i welcomed a hall of famer, the man who prove everyone wrong, wade boggs pick you did exactly that. >> thank you, tim. that's very nice. >> tim: used in six years in a minor leagues and hit 300 every year in the minor league's. yet all of these guys were
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and go to 40. they're going by me like a ghost ghost. 1981 we had taken eight or nine guys to the big leagues and joe morgan was calling it in every player into his office, so i'm sitting there slowly -- >> that joe morgan is not joe morgan the second baseman. the other joe morgan. >> the last guy comes out and there was a void. no one going into joe's room and he didn't call anybody in. so i started packing my bag and got pac-10 walked by joe's room and said seeing -- c winds bring in training, skip. and he said i will see you in march. and that told me right there that i wasn't going anywhere. it was going south. >> did you going to talk to joe. >> no, there was nothing to talk about.
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that the dilemma was that the organization felt that you can't play third, that you are not a good enough defensive player to play third of the what you do played first base. so i said, okay, what do i need to do to do that. he said we need you to go to winter ball in play first base in puerto rico or venezuela or wherever. i said okay. after the year that i had had come i thought i was going north and being called up. there were players on the team that reading to 40, 250 and they were getting called the big leagues and i just broken 11 records in the national league for 11 -- a left-handed hitter. >> and i didn't get the call. so i knew i had to go work on something. so i went home and i got a job in puerto rico, went down to puerto rico and as a third baseman, he broke his ankle,
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ankle slide moved from first to third amount up and 379 a puerto rico and playing the third goal time down there. if you've ever played on a puerto rican or dominican field, it is a very rocky. it helped me considerably. it short of my hands a lot. i got to take in some big leaguers that came back to play in puerto rico every year and so i said, well, in december i got added to the 40 man roster and found out from a phone call. >> tim: first time. >> never got called up the minor leagues that is going to spring training in the big club and i thought of my father who read it in the paper. no one had ever called me in puerto rico or my parents in florida or anything. my dad read it in the paper. >> tim: a future hall of famer called. >> they did things different back then.
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training and walked in and the first person i bump into in spring training was jazz. >> tim: you're never met him. >> i never met him. >> tim: to mean this to sound like 60 minutes, but it boggles the mind that you did in the red sox organization for six years and you never met him. >> i've never met anybody on the big league team. i was interpolate two years and never met anybody on the big league team. i was a kid in a candy store in the next person i bump into is dwight evans and a rick miller walked in -- i'm sorry he was gone by then. by jerry, he had walked by and mike torres walks by and dennis, they all start coming in and here i am getting dressed in the
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these guys that i used to stay in the howard johnson's looking at the holiday inn across the street and watch all these guys get out of their big fancy cars. so it was just -- it was so neat. >> tim: hold that thought. they're going to take a break and come back. not at the howard johnson's but at the holiday inn with the hall of famer wade boggs. the tim mccarver show was brought to you by: hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save
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>> hey, guys, what are you doing doing. >> i will see you in a little bit. how was school today? >> hi, dad. it was great.
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from your kids to be a dad. some parts of the smallest can have the biggest impact on a child's life. >> this portion of the tim mccarver show is brought to you by: >> tim: i'm back with the only player in the 20th century to have seven consecutive 200 hit seasons. the only player ever lose 3,000 hit was a home run, wade boggs that before we talk about the famous home run, you met ted williams for you've met carl yastrzemski. >> my first spring training in march come i was 18 years old. and my roommate and i were in the movie theater line and we were getting ready to go in to the movie theater. >> tim: in winter haven. >> in winterhaven.
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people behind me. i went, oh, my gosh. it was like john wayne walking through the saloon doors and i said i've got to meet him, i've got to meet him, so i walked up to him and i said, excuse me, mr. william. yes, kid. and i just started shaking. i said, mr. williams, i'm a member of the boston red sox. i just signed in june. he goes can you hit, kid. i said, yes, sir. he says show me your stance. he says where do you hold your hands. all the people are going into the movie theater and we are still outside talking about heading ever to hold your hands and various things like that. i just love ted to death. williams and what he said about you as an 18 -month-old kid.he said that kurt gaudi and --
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were playing in boston and the crew for nbc has got a away of what a holder for my baby pictures and i was 18 months old in the backyard swinging a bat and they had shown ted this during the telecast and i was up at the plate. they said what do you think of this kids swing. he's so i think this kid is got a future in baseball with the swing like that. they said, mr. williams, he's up the plate. i had arty won a couple of batting titles at the time and he said, see, i told you that you could hit. that was really neat. >> you never changed your style of hitting, did you, except for one year when you have 24 home runs in 1987 and you were on record saying that is screwed you left the next year. >> i didn't do anything different the 87 year that i did any other year except my left
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causing more left. i didn't hit the ball on the line that much that year. i had a lot of long high flyballs it must've been one of those el nio years with the wind blowing out at the ballpark ballpark. >> tim: you were afraid to get strike wanted strike to pick it didn't matter to you. >> i didn't matter because i knew i was going to make contact contact. i knew if i strong -- struck the back and i was going to make contact. this one of the reason i didn't like to get in the box and set the first pitch. i like to pick out of pitch. i felt the long rooms in the box box, the better off i was as far as the picture making a mistake. if i had seven, eight, nine pitches, i had the winning hand. >> did you find it ironic that here you are seven straight 200 hit seasons and now it comes time for your three south and hit and for all things, it is a home run in cleveland, i believe believe.
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in the ironic part about that was i had seen henry aaron at one of the shows after that at a 3,000 hit show and i said, mr. mr. aaron, what was your 3,000 hit and he set a double. i said mine was a home run. it was jokingly said, but it was -- i would've never bet in a million years at that would've been the final result. >> will be at that's going around the bases. >> i'll never get that ball back back. that will be the only ball that is not in the collection. >> but you got it back. >> right to the gentleman that works at the university of south florida caught it and brought it down and said this is for you pretty said this will be better in your trophy case that in mind mind. >> tim: what a magnanimous gesture. that could have fetched a lot of
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the only 3,000 hit hitter whose 3,000 hit was a home run in this day and age, wouldn't you think. >> that speaks i am's. >> tim: it really does. will be back with wade boggs and
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>> tim: one of the most indelible images in baseball history is that of wade boggs on the back of a police force writing around the yankee stadium at the conclusion of the 1996 world series. what ever got you to do that. >> to this day i have no idea. the one vision that i do have is running and jumping on the pile and then collectively we had said let's take a victory lap because there were no fans on the field.
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applauding at the seats. >> tim: and fans never get on the field at new york anyway. >> we were waiting to be trounced by all the fans. they were just standing in their seats clapping pits we started to take the lap of the next thing i know, i am in left-center field in the back of the first. i have no idea to this day and i've never gone back to look at the video because i just wanted so fresh in my mind. i don't know how i got another horse. >> you've never seen that video. >> if you watch the show -- >> i want to get a freshman out of the refrigerator when that part comes on. until this day when you look at a police horse, they are so big and you just can't hop on the back of a police horse like to do in the wild wild west and come to find out a couple weeks later the horses doing an autograph showing taking money. >> of the great line.
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reflect on it and all the 56,000 fans state in their seat and no one ran on the field. it was so amazing. it's also amazing that you finally won a world championship after what happened ten years earlier when you were with boston in that debacle. >> that was -- i always felt deep down in my heart that i would win a ring in boston because of some of the teams we had and in the late 80 80's we were going up against that juggernaut, the a's all the time and i thought that one year we were going to break through. we had kids in the clubhouse pop the champagne already. >> didn't carry wendell state, the third baseman, after your hat with two outs. >> two outs and two strikes.
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i collect all putting hats from world series. >> i said the game is not over yet and he said look at the scoreboard and i to turn over my left shoulder and i said congratulations boston red sox 1986 world champion on the board board. and i went, oh, my goodness but the next thing i know i'm walking off the field. >> the same shut to left-center feeling kevin mitchell in the first pitch. >> of rain night. >> and i never touched the ball. in all that secret that never touch the ball in for hitters and i'm just standing at 30 third and harry wendell stat is going, i guess we'll see you tomorrow night. and i said yes, harry, we will see you tomorrow night. and it happened so fast that, welcome i guess who got to play tomorrow night. >> he will be back four another segment with wade boggs.
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the course of the day is not only time-consuming, but this usually not enough hours in the day to get through them all. coincidentally, i'm the only person in the hall of fame that on their plaque says the most superstitious baseball player. >> tim: really. how did it start? >> i think it started like every little bigger work you had a good game, you were your same t-shirt and you what your same socks or something like this. and it started evolving when i would have a good game. i would sort of do the same things that would be like groundhog day every day. i would say, wow, i had three hits yesterday some to do the same thing the next game. that i would get to or three hits i would do the same thing the next time. and wednesday on the years that i was winning the batting titles and doing things like this, it seems like every day with the same day.
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we do the same routine. i would leap at the ballpark. the chicken every day. lead for the ball park at the same time every day. get to the ballpark, traffic willing. basically at the same time. get dressed for the day at the same time. keep my pants in the same place and do various things and then take my ground balls at a structured time and think got it johnny knew it time to meet ground balls. >> exactly how many. 100. >> it was someone went behind the stands one day and just started counting and coincidentally i would take them until i felt like it was enough. i did it for five days end of the four of the five days it took exactly 100 ground balls. not knowing that that was the number that i would stop at, it is just an internal clock. was just feeling that i had that but
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and four of the five days i landed on 100 and i would go three more and it was that feeling back, okay, i am at this spot that i need to be. >> rattle off the times. >> 117. >> 775. >> 647. >> the funny part about that as we were in toronto one time and i was looking at the clock and it was 7:16. so at 7:50 messed it up and get ready to run out of the dugout. and i'm looking and looking and looking and it is going to be a long minute. all of a sudden it changes to 7: 7:18 all the toronto blue jays players stand up and start laughing and everything like this. so fortunately i got to hits that night so it didn't really affect me too much. >> tim: you know, it would almost seem like poetic justice for you to be the type of hitter that you were with the rigid
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way you had them going about things that are joe morgan told me once i know it is aligned it has been used more than once, that when you saw the shortstop played to the left, you hit it to his right. when he was playing to the right right, you hit it to his left. >> i drove wayne tollefson mets. wayne tollefson was a new york, the four-game series. at the beginning of the fourth game, they were taking batting practice. >> shortstop for the yankees. >> yesterday was standing room for batting practice i was out early and he called the over adhesive the got to ask you a question. he says do you watch me. >> he said wherever you go. he said if it seems like i'm of to the left of the right, you hit it up the middle. of five moved to the middle you hit it -- >> the best was ray miller. the city completely figured me out and that i had no chance of
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i said what is the defense. he said you will see. we were in minnesota and the pictures standing there waiting for the sign of the shortstop on second baseman are behind second base behind each other. the picture would wind up in one would run to a position. i went 5-5 that night. whoever didn't move, i hit them where they were in. after the fifth. i am on first base and ray miller tipped his hat to me and said okay, we won't do that anymore. that's how consumed get a manager in the other defenses were with where to place you. >> nice but terrapins scouting report. >> got me four times in one series. wade boggs. i will be back with final segment. he was that good. right after this.
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>> tim: i hope this show gives you an idea of just how great a hitter mike guest was.
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this is a person you've ever been on the show and i hope you come back. >> i'd love to come back.
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>> it's been made in hollywood welcome to "made in hollywood's" academy award spotlight. >> on today's show it's all about the oscars. >> kate blanchett, eddie
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are going to tell us all about how this he prepared for their academy award-nominated roles. >> i lofted just spending time with her her. she's just such an impressive presence. made in hollywood we'll also take a look at best picture nominees "room", "brooklyn", and "the martian." >> i have met a lot of people over the course of my life who do really dangerous things for a living and they all tend to be really funny. >> plus the cast of "infinitely polar"independence day: resurgence" is going to give us a sneak peek of one you have this sum opens biggest movies. >> hi, i am mad day month. >> welcome to "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." and this is "made in hollywood." made in hollywood from director ridley scott "the martian" is nominated for seven oscars including best picture. >> and i sat down with best actor nominee matt damon to find
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learn in order to play the ultimate survivalist. >> hi, i am matt damon, welcome to "made in hollywood." and here is a scene from "the martian." >> every human being has a basic instincts, to help each other out. if a hiker gets love in the mountains people coordinate a search. if an earthquake levels the city, people all over the world sends emergency plays. this instinct is found in every culture, without exception. >> mark watt knee is such a great character, he's czar cass at this, witty, funny. and that's support to have this likability for that character because it's what makes the audience also cheer on all of these people who are behind him and we all want him to come home. >> he's really smart. , but funny. and i have met a lot of people over the course of my life who


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